MemeZa for 16 Seconds (MemeZa4162nds) is a non profit organisation aimed at empowering women and youths in Gauteng with the aim of ensuring that they are socially and economically well positioned to live satisfactory lives. We stand against crime, drugs and substance abuse, violence against women and children and unemployment.


The organisation itself came to being in response of the violence being perpetrated against women and children in South Africa and worldwide and the resultant consequences of such violence.


The Memza campaign is a year long campaign were we memeza (shout) against social ills and run projects and programmes aimed at empowering and capacitating women and youth.  It is about bringing people together & mobilizing communities in time of need.


  • The MeMeZa Personal Safety Alarm is used to raise awareness and to create solidarity. It is a mobile alarm that can be carried with you wherever you go. It is activated by pulling the pull-pin off. The device emits a sound at 140 decibels which will confuse and deter criminals whilst alerting those around you. It relies on the power of the witness. Someone will hear, someone will see.


Pledge your support by purchasing a MeMeZa PSA for your self, friends and family @ R160 each.


  • The MemeZa Sponsor a woman or girl with sanitary pads is a project that was born out the realisation that 21 Million school going children in rural South Africa live below the poverty line with 8/10 Gauteng School girls not having access to sanitary pads at school and as a result will miss 60 school days per year.

Donate sanitary pads for a child in need. Contribute to a girls brighter future.


  • The MemeZa employ a graduate campaign is a new project that aims to approach SMMEs, Big Corporates, Government departments to employ a graduate in 2017. The aim is to secure 2017 employment opportunities or internships for a total number of 2017 graduates in 2017.
Sign up your business to take in a graduate and participate in reducing the number of graduates that are sitting at home unemployed in 2017.
  • The MemeZa fight against drugs and substance abuse implemented through Rehoboth a division of MemeZa for 16 Seconds. Through this initiative we visit prisons, hospitals, rehab centres and communities teaching on the effects of drugs and giving users hope through testimonials. We also provide skills development so that they are able to economically survive after having been cast out of communities.
Help us by donating towards our drives.

Do something. MemeZa. Make some noise. Ring the Alarm. Stand with us. Sponsor a programme


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